MNA Staffing Solutions

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Staffing Solutions


Along with a growing business there is a high demand for good employees. Your company may only need short term help or might be looking for that right employee for their company. Whatever the demand may be we can help.


If your company is in need of an employee to fill a position temporarily while some one is on vacation, sick, maternity leave or may have quit last minute. You dont have to panic and hire just anyone, it's a waste of time and money. If you don't have reliable employees you don't have a reliable business. No one wants to spend money on a service that might have to cancel or reschedule due to employee issues. We have trained professionals ready to go when your company is in need. All employees have completed any training needed and will carry workers compensation and be covered under our business insurance. Use temporary employees until you find the right person to fill the position. Your company is at no obligation to keep the temporary employee or work them any certian number of hours or days a week. It's a non stressful no hassle way to handle the issues with ease.


Tired of all the hassle it takes to interview or simply don't have the time or energy for it any more. MNA Staffing Solutions can help place the perfect employee for your company. We take each and every concern in to the aspect when finding the right employee for your comapny. Not only will we be placing the employee with your company we will ensure while they are staffing through our service that they are always meeting your companies expectations. We also encourage our clients for long term staffing for ultimate benefits such as:

No need to carry workers compensation and business insurance for your employees

No need to waste time on payroll, paying an invoice is much more simple and cost less than an accountant or payroll services.

Never have to worry about providing a 40 hour work week as this can be  a lot of stress while business may be slow.All MNA Staffing Solutions employees can gain hours with other companies when not needed for your company.

A perfect no hassle easy solution for your company employee issues!


Most employees can be permanently placed at the employee and companies discretion. The employee must work for your company for a consecutive term of six months. If at any time the company wishes to hire the employee before the six month term a finder's fee must be paid to break the six month contract. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.